Hello everyone my name is Choi Jinri, but you will know me as Sulli. I'm f(x)'s rapper, vocalist and visual. And I would like to get to know you.

So don't be shy and talk to me. I won't bite!

Don't try it if you just want to play!
owned by a Kris for 2 weeks

I'm like an old man.
If I'm fallen I can't get up!


sulli-si ---> sulli-dg

[only RP/ +18 content]


Please read this!!
I need more friends, because I’m new and I want to talk to a loooot of people out there~  So it would be nice if you could help me and reblog this post so everyone can see it. And of course I will follow every single one of you. Maybe we can become friends? Or maybe more? I’m really curiuous~

So..please reblog this post.
I will love you forever. And by the way. There are free cookies in my askbox ♥

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